Más de 30 años de experiencia nos avalan.

Dr. To-Ma Trinh Bach, born in Saigon, Vietnam.

He came to Barcelona to study Medicine at the Hospital Clínico. There he graduated in 1974.

Then he went to Paris and Taipei to learn acupuncture, with the famous surgeon acupuncturist Dr. Ma.

Later, he went to Fuzhou (China), to learn tai-chi at the Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

When he returned to Spain, he founded the acupuncture department at Mutua de Carmen, in Granollers.

Then he worked at the Quang An Men Clinic in Barcelona as an acupuncturist.

He taught tai-chi at the Barcelona Forum.

Currently, he works in the Therapeutic Centers YANG QUANG.

Currently the Yang Guang Therapeutic Center has establishments in Barcelona and Girona.

Collegiate 9219. 714 For the Príncipado of Andorra.
Medical Acupuncturist

The experience of the past, if it does not fall into oblivion, serves as a guide for the future.

前 事 不 忘,后 事 之 师.